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Why Choose Gusoma Education ?

Digital, audio and printed learning material

Our team create learning materials in various formats to ensure that the students are able to practice what they learn and develop strong reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the African language of their choice.

Easy scheduling

The reservation system allows you to book your lesson at any time wherever you are 24/7 and access the lesson notes and exercises from one place with the Google Meet link of the lesson sent to your calendar.

Live lessons with native teachers

Our teachers create a conductive environment adapted to your level. They are all native speakers. They all speak English and French fluently. Most of them are published authors.

Structured curriculums for higher quality

We standardized the teaching of African languages in structured curriculums covering all key aspects of each languages including : conjugation, sentence building, vocabulary, synthax, spelling, pronounciation and more.

Who enrolls for the African languages programs ?

Children (6-18 years)

We teach the children of African immigrants living in the diaspora using a curriculum adapted to their age.

The curriculum includes : reading, listening, speaking and writing lessons. In addition, children are encouraged to speak African languages at home with their parents or in class with other children.

African diaspora

2nd and 3rd generation immigrants born in the African diaspora suffers from not being able to communicate in the language of their parents.

Often they face mockery and other form of emotional abuse that lead to discouragement and abandonment. We understand their needs and we are equipped to satisfy them based on our successful experience.

Foreigners married to an African

60% of our students are married with an African. 90% of our married-to-an-African students complete our proficiency program.

Love is the primary motivation for learning an African language and we are proud to support many couples around the world in their goals of creating an inclusive multilingual relationship.

Foreigners doing business in Africa

The biggest challenge when doing business in Africa is the language barrier. Whether you are exploring new ventures in African countries and looking to work with Africans being able to speak, communicate or at least understand what is being said to you, will be a distinct advantage.

We have a long experience teaching foreigners online.

How our online schools work ?

Experienced teachers

The teachers are compassionate, kind and understanding. They are specifically trained to make learning African languages easier to learn and understand for foreigners and African diaspora. 90% of our teachers are published authors.

Online Learning platform

Our learning platform Amasomo gives you access to more than 200 hours of pre-recorded lessons in video, audio and digital book formats. When you join the program you have access to the platform 24/7.

Structured curriculum

Using a structured curriculum make it easier to learn a new language, more enjoyable to study and finally require less time and effort to achieve proficiency in a shorter space of time.

Books & Learning materials

We publish African languages learning material and books distributed globally. Our books are the basis of our programs and cover a wide range of learning topics.

Engaging Lessons

Our lessons are designed to last between 40-60 minutes and can be booked from Monday to Sunday from 7.00 AM – 10/11.00 PM. There a balanced mix of theory and practical lessons

Practical exercises

We use an online quiz and examination system to assess your progress and ensure that you stay on track. The quiz and exercise’s platform allows you to practice the language of your choice, on your own.

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